Athletics play an important role in the life of many students at Stratton. There are several sports available for participation: football, volleyball, basketball, track, wrestling, baseball, golf, and cheerleading. Students who wish to participate in a sport that is not offered at Stratton will have, by CHSAA rules, the opportunity to try out for that sport in a neighboring school.

No student will be permitted to participate in athletics unless he or she has passed a physical examination given by a licensed physician, a nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant; and has turned in a signed parent consent form, proof of insurance, and a signed Athletic/Activities Contract. All athletes must follow the rules contained in the handbook for their sport.

Stratton Schools cannot recognize any sports that are not recognized by CHSAA. A student must be enrolled in 2.5 Carnegie Units (five regularly graded classes) per semester in order to participate in any CHSAA activity.