District Weapons Policy

The Board of Education determines that possession and/or use of a weapon by students is detrimental to the welfare and safety of the students and school personnel within the district.

Carrying, bringing, using or possessing a dangerous weapon in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle or at any school-sponsored activity without the authorization of the school or the school district is prohibited. “Dangerous weapon” means:

· A firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, or a firearm facsimile.

· Any pellet, “BB” gun or other device, whether operational or not, designed to propel projectiles by spring action or by compressed air.

· A fixed blade knife, spring loaded knife or a pocket knife that measures more than three (3) inches.

· Any object, device, instrument, material, or substance, whether animate or inanimate, used or intended to be used to inflict death or serious bodily injury including, but not limited to, slingshot, bludgeon, brass knuckles or artificial knuckles of any kind.

The administrator shall initiate expulsion proceedings immediately for students that violate this policy.

In accordance with federal law, expulsion shall be for no less than one full calendar year for a student who is determined to have brought a firearm to school. The superintendent may modify the length of this federal requirement for expulsion on a case-by-case basis.

School personnel shall refer any student who brings a firearm or weapon to school to law enforcement.