Graduation Requirements

Every student should become acquainted with school and state requirements for graduation. A minimum of 26 credits shall be required for high school graduation (17 are required credits and 9 are elective credits).

Graduation requirements are based on units of credit earned in grades 9–12. A unit of credit is defined as the amount of credit given for the successful completion of a course, which meets five days per week for 55 minutes daily for at least 36 weeks. One-half credit is given for the completion of each class for one semester (18 weeks).  One Carnegie credit equals 165 hours of class time.


English                    4 credits                       Health                         ½ credit

Mathematics            3 credits*                      Computer Applications    ½ credit

Science                   3 credits                       Physical Education         ½ credit*****

Social Studies          3 credits**                    Speech                        ½ credit

Fine/Practical Arts   2 credits***                   Electives                      9 credits

Seniors in the running for valedictorian and salutatorian should carefully consider the GPA implications of being a student aide since no credit is earned being a student aide.                                                      

·          With permission from the administration, Accounting will count as one math credit.

** U.S. Government is required for graduation.

*** Vocational Agriculture III and IV will substitute for one Fine/Practical Arts credit.

****A student who successfully completes three (3) sport seasons in one year, may satisfy ½ credit of PE.

(Students will not receive graduation credit for Study Halls, Study Skills, or Teacher’s Aid.) These course requirements may be modified as necessary by the IEP process due to the nature of an individual student’s needs.