Level I

(1) Student has earned his/her fifth (5th) detention.

(2) Flagrant or continual violation of the school dress code

(3) Disrespect shown to teachers, sponsors, other school personnel, students or visitors to the school

(4) Gestures, language, or behavior inappropriate for the school environment.

(5) Engaging in any behavior that disrupts the educational environment

(6) Inappropriate behavior in lunchroom or halls

(7) Engaging in inappropriate public display of affection

(8) Minor computer policy violations

(9) Riding in or driving a motor vehicle any time during the school day without administrative permission

(10) Leaving school, other than walking during the lunch hour, with a lunch pass, without permission from the school (Seniors with open campus privileges are an exception.)

(11) Minor school bus behavior infractions

(12) Damage of $10.00 or less to school or personal property

(13) Theft of objects of $10.00 or less value

(14) Harassment

(15) Taunting and racial slurs

(16) Attempting or threatening to cause bodily injury to another person

(17) Truancy, first violation if less than two hours

(18) Carrying an electronic communication device, including but not limited to, pager, beeper or cell phone

Steps to be Taken:

(1) Student is given due process.

(2) Parents are notified.

(3) Consequences are as follows: (These steps are at the discretion of the administrator.)

30 minutes detention after school same day or following day

60 minutes detention after school same day or following day

One to three days of in-school suspension and loss of daily points

After School Detention

· After-school detention will be held from 3:30-4:00 Monday-Thursday in the classroom of the teacher on duty each week.

· Students will be given the option of serving detention the same day or the following day so that the student can arrange transportation.

· Students will work on homework during detention. Other diversions will not be allowed.

· Detention may be spent by doing school services.

· If a student fails to show for detention, the detention will double. Three consecutive misses will result in an In School Suspension.