Student Due Process

It is the responsibility of the Stratton Public Schools Board of Education, the administration, and teachers to ensure minimal due process of law to all students, parents, and school personnel through procedures and policy consistent with Colorado Law. Prior to suspension or other administrative disciplinary actions each student will be:

(1) Given oral or written notice of the charges against him/her;

(2) If he/she denies the charges, he/she will be given an explanation of the evidence against them;

(3) He/she will be given an opportunity to present his/her side of the story.

If the administrator (or designee), after fairly weighing the information at hand, cannot substantively determine a “preponderance of evidence” one way or another, an informal disciplinary hearing will be held. During the hearing, evidence and testimonies will be re-evaluated. Those present (in addition to the administrator and the student) may include: parents, the counselor, and other relevant individuals.

If a person feels he/she has not been given due process, he/she is encouraged to first contact the administrator or his designee (example, the athletic director), secondly, the superintendent, and finally the Stratton Board of Education.