Student Fees

Middle School/High School Student Fee $30.00

Three or more students in family $75.00 total

Students who qualify for reduced meals $15.00 per student

Students who qualify for free meals $7.50 per student

Athletic cards can still be purchased for an elementary student ($30.00), a single adult ($60.00), or a family ($150.00).

Student Fees

Student athletic participation fees for high school students will be $50 per student for the first two sports a student participates in, and $50 per sport for any sport after two. Students who qualify for reduced lunch must pay $25 each for the first two sports, and $12.50 for the third sport per year. Students qualifying for free lunch will pay $12.50 per sport for the first two sports and $6.25 for the third. Participation fees must be paid before students begin practicing or participating in sports.