Transportation to Athletic Events and Activities

Students are to travel to games/activities on the school vehicle provided with their coach and teammates or activity sponsor and members. Any exceptions must be cleared ahead of time with coach, the administrator, and/or the athletic director. They are encouraged to ride the school vehicle home with their team/group as well. Parents who wish to take their children home from games/activities must file their intention, in writing, with the coach or administrator at the game. If parents wish for their children to ride home with an adult relative, they must file their intention, in writing, with the office a day ahead of the game/activity. In no case may an athlete or member of a school activity drive him/herself to or from a game/activity or ride with another student. The school vehicle may only pick up or drop off students at Stratton School. State transportation law requires that we transport students from school to the activity, then from the activity to school.